RSM Spain bets on innovation with Martí Domingo

RSM Spain has hired Martí Domingo (pictured left) to lead a multidisciplinary team of innovators and create a new space dedicated to experimentation.

The law firm, with the arrival of Martí Domingo, has set the goal of introducing a new culture and disruptive methodologies within the organisation, both internally and in terms of client relations and service delivery.

This area will be in charge of monitoring new trends in business management and promoting different innovation projects.

Martí has accumulated experience in entrepreneurship and his background is in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN).

For José María Gassó (pictured right) , chairman of RSM Spain: “The commitment to innovation involves a bet on young talent. If we really want to do things differently, we have to include other professional profiles that question the way things have always been done in this sector. In this sense, we are delighted to have Martí on our team”.

In 2019, RSM already took a step forward with the creation of the Innovation Lab by Marc Gallardo, partner of the firm’s digital law area, a project that showed the aspiration to foster a culture of innovation within the organisation.

Martí Domingo says “For me, this project is an opportunity and an important challenge. My goal is to introduce a culture of innovation, of trial and error, of post-motorola, of managing failure as a driving force for progress, of breaking down silos… and, in short, to open the way to new methodologies that will allow RSM to continue growing at the pace it has set for the coming years”.