Repsol, first Spanish in-house team to use AI platform, Harvey

Repsol has reached a strategic agreement with US start-up Harvey, which specialises in the legal field, to incorporate generative artificial intelligence into the daily work of the company’s legal department. It thus becomes the first legal advisory team in Spain and one of the first in continental Europe to use this specialised digital platform for the legal profession.

First Spanish law firm to use Harvey

This initiative is part of the digitalisation strategy of Repsol, one of the most advanced energy companies in the use of data and generative artificial intelligence.

At the same time, this alliance allows Repsol to strengthen its legal area, which is made up of more than 200 professionals worldwide. Some of the tasks that Harvey facilitates for lawyers are the analysis of legal documents, the comparison of contracts or regulations, proposals for improving clauses, translating texts into legal language, providing answers to legal queries or summarising documentation.

It is estimated that each lawyer saves up to three hours of work per week.

“Thus, the use of the platform minimises the most repetitive tasks, facilitates the handling of large volumes of data and documentation and helps to carry out processes more quickly and efficiently, providing solutions with greater agility and generating a higher quality work by having a virtual assistant that frees lawyers from tasks of little value,” they shared in a statement. The company’s legal team is ultimately responsible for reviewing and validating Harvey’s proposals and deciding how to apply the results obtained. “During the process of implementing this technology, it has been estimated that it can save each lawyer up to three hours per week of repetitive, low-value legal work”.

With this, the company is taking a further step in the transformation of its legal area to enhance its global and transversal nature, broaden the skills and versatility of its professionals, and position itself at the forefront by incorporating legal technology tools (legaltech) to achieve greater efficiency and promote new ways of working.

Repsol’s General Manager of Legal Affairs, Pablo Blanco, stressed that “in Repsol’s Legal area we are immersed in a transformation process to provide greater transversality, globality and versatility to the legal function in the company”. “This process includes innovation and digitalisation as basic pillars, incorporating the application and use of generative artificial intelligence as the main enablers. Having the technological advances and advantages that Harvey offers us is a milestone, as well as a great opportunity to introduce new ways of working thanks to the combination of talent and deep knowledge, efficiency and technology,” added Blanco.

Digitalisation Programme

Repsol is one of the pioneers and most advanced companies in the energy sector in the use of data, AI and generative AI, following the launch of its Digitalisation Programme more than 5 years ago. In addition, almost a year ago the company launched the first Generative AI Competence Centre in the European energy sector.

Julia Gil