Portugal is ´high yield and low risk´ for investors – Caiado Guerreiro & Associados

Corporate tax reforms mean that the country is now much more attractive to foreign investors who have the opportunity to pick some high quality assets



Portugal now has the advantage of being a high yield, low risk location for investors, according to Tiago Caiado Guerreiro, partner at Caiado Guerreiro & Associados.
Meanwhile, as more investors show a keen interest in the country, so there is increasing pressure on law firms to adapt in order to meet the demands of such clients.
He says the country´s corporate tax reforms have meant Portugal is now much more foreign investor-friendly. “The economy has opened up and created opportunities for foreign investors,” Caiado Guerreiro says. “The country is now very competitive tax-wise and is more attractive in general and there are a lot of opportunities in terms of investment, yield, stability and quality of life.”
Caiado Guerreiro adds that since the economy has opened up, some “very good assets” have become available. “Portugal has become a high yield, low risk place for investors,” he adds.
In this environment, the challenge for law firms is to increase the quality of the services they provide and become more sensitive to the needs of clients, according to Caiado Guerreiro. He says: “Clients want quality, certainty, sharing of the risk and results, and they want them fast.”