Pérez-Llorca with XData Properties in the purchase of land in Madrid

Stoneshield, the fund management company founded by Juan Pepa, Felipe Morenés and Ana Botín (with Warren Buffett‘s participation), is planning to invest 750 million euros to build the largest data centre in Spain, according to Voz Pópuli.

This technological complex will be located in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid).

At the moment, the two entrepreneurs have already raised 150 million euros. The initiative aims to become an American-style data centre campus, fully energy sustainable, with access to the Madrid-Barcelona route and with multiple major clients, the so-called hyperscalers, similar to companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon or IBM.

XData Properties, Stoneshield’s data centre operator, completed the purchase of the land in San Fernando from Spanish technology company Indra for €40 million at the end of 2021. It did so with the advice of Pérez-Llorca after reaching a long-term agreement with Indra in exchange for data centre services. Pérez-Llorca acted with a team composed by the real estate partner Javier Muñoz Méndez, the land planning and environment partner Alberto Ibort, the tax partner José Azqueta, the real estate lawyers Diego Peral and Paula Quintillán, the land planning and environment lawyers José del Saz-Orozco and Clara Carazo, and the tax lawyers Viktoriya Petkova, Roger Morera and Arturo Parellada.