Pérez-Llorca prepares Portugal launch in 2024

Pérez-Llorca will set up shop with its own office and will practice Portuguese Law. The firm will have a complete 2,000 square meter building in a prime area of Lisbon, where it will gradually install its team starting in the summer of 2024.

With this new office, Pérez-Llorca continues with its international projection by having its own presence in the three global financial capitals: London, New York and Singapore, in the European regulatory capital, Brussels, as well as in Spain and Portugal. Pérez-Llorca is preparing its implementation in Lisbon with its own office and team. With this move, the firm continues its expansion outside our borders within its growth and internationalisation strategy.

Pérez-Llorca will have a complete building in the prime area of Lisbon, specifically on Barata Salgueiro 21. It is a unique building of more than 2,000 square meters that will be adapted to the needs of the firm, for which It is estimated that the conditioning works will be completed at the end of the first half of 2024.

To begin to shape this project, last June the firm incorporated Gonçalo Godinho, a partner with more than 20 years of international experience in the Brazilian, Portuguese, British and American markets. Godinho will combine his work on the Pérez-Llorca international project with the development of the firm’s strategy in Portuguese-speaking markets and with advising clients on commercial matters, mainly in matters of energy and infrastructure. He resides in Lisbon.

Michael Heron