Laboral al día – Pérez Llorca

Pérez-Llorca helds the event “Pérez-Llorca Laboral al Día”

Pérez-Llorca has held its fifth session of “Pérez-Llorca Laboral al Día”, which addressed the arrival of compliance in the labour market, specifically, the new obligations for companies following the reform of the criminal code and the approval of the whistleblowing law.

The conference was attended by Daniel Cifuentes, Isabel Moya and Laura Pérez, partners in the labour law department; together with Yolanda Valdeolivas, of counsel of this practice and Guillermo Meilán, lawyer of the economic criminal and investigations department.

The session was opened by Daniel Cifuentes, who analysed the main trends in the labour law sector. He then commented on the most relevant sentences of both the Supreme Court and the National High Court regarding various matters such as conciliation, collective bargaining, risk prevention, privacy, ordinary remuneration, teleworking and trade union representation.

As usual in these sessions, the speakers presented the “top 3” of the most important sentences on labour matters in recent months. Also, Cifuentes presented the sentence of the National High Court of 15 July 2022, which indicates that there is collective dismissal in companies that make up a labour group if the number of terminations of all of them exceeds the established thresholds.

Finally, Yolanda Valdeolivas introduced a series of points to be considered in day-to-day business management. As a legislative novelty, the of counsel mentioned the reform of the criminal code and the whistleblowing law which transposes the EU Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of whistleblowers.

Irina Wakstein