Pérez-Llorca, first Spanish law firm to integrate Leya (IAG)

Pérez-Llorca has become the first Spanish law firm to progressively implement Leya, a Swedish Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) platform developed specifically for the legal sector and which incorporates new functionalities and improvements with respect to existing solutions in the market to date.


It will enable the processing of large volumes of data in conversational format, integrating legal sources and semantic models specific to the jurisdictions where the firm operates. “It incorporates several layers and artificial intelligence technologies to ensure reliable and higher value-added results, integrating with document managers to ensure the confidentiality and security of information, both inside and outside the organization” they shared in the firm’s statement.

Leya combines state-of-the-art natural language with data retrieval technology to provide “accurate and contextualized” answers. The platform also enables document analysis, automatic information extraction, legal research tasks, drafting of communications or legal argumentation. In addition, the agreement reached with the Iberley legal database provides Leya with a constant update of all the legislation and jurisprudence of our country, a feature that other similar tools do not have.

First Spanish law firm to integrate Leya

“We are aware that the IAG is transforming legal processes and we consider it essential that the Firm is always at the forefront of technology, developing use cases that allow us to offer new and better services to our clients with the aim of increasing the value contribution of the legal function within organizations,” says Raúl Rubio, partner of the Industrial Property, Intellectual Property and Technology practice and member of the Innovation Committee of Pérez-Llorca.

Pérez-Llorca will test the Swedish tool because of the guarantee of security and privacy in the handling of the data it provides. “The confidentiality of all our matters and clients has undoubtedly been our top priority during the process. After an extensive review of the main IAG solutions available for the sector, Leya has proven to be the right tool for our objectives and needs, both in terms of efficiency and security,” underlines Andy Ramos, Industrial Property, Intellectual Property and Technology partner and member of Pérez-Llorca’s Innovation Committee.

In relation to the impact of IAG on processes, Marisa Delgado, director of the Knowledge Management area and member of Pérez-Llorca’s Innovation Committee, emphasizes that it is crucial to understand that this technology is a complementary tool to the practice of law. “The trial we have launched with Leya allows us to advance our digitalization roadmap, but it does not replace human experience and judgment, which remains essential to understand the context, evaluate nuances and make strategic decisions.”

Internationally, more than 70 firms use Leya as an additional tool for their services.

Julia Gil