Pérez-Llorca Explores 2024 Labor Trends in Seminar

Pérez-Llorca ‘s Labor, Compensation, and Benefits division kicked off the year with an insightful session in their series ‘Pérez-Llorca Laboral al Día,’ delving into the anticipated trends shaping the labor market in 2024. The seminar, led by partners Daniel Cifuentes (pictured centre) and Isabel Moya (pictured right), along with Yolanda Valdeolivas (pictured left), Of Counsel for this practice, provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of labor law.

Daniel Cifuentes, opening the seminar, highlighted recent pivotal judicial pronouncements from the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Supreme Court, and the National High Court. Notable among these was the Supreme Court’s November 21, 2023 ruling on the reconciliation of professional, personal, and family life.

In the session’s conclusion, Yolanda Valdeolivas delved into anticipated changes in labor regulations for 2024. These include new grounds for nullifying dismissals during the enjoyment of permits or disability, the regulation of complementary hours, and the computation of voluntary resignations. Valdeolivas also highlighted the implications for companies arising from two legislative novelties. Firstly, the approval of the draft law for the transposition of Directive (EU) 2019/1152 of the European Parliament and Council, recognizing a new right to predictability in working conditions for employees. Secondly, the amendment to the Social Jurisdiction Regulatory Law, introducing fines of €180 to €6,000 for companies failing to attend conciliation hearings in addition to bearing the costs.”