Part 2 Agenda Africa: Opportunities & challenges of diversification

This is Part 2 summary of the debate  Iberian Lawyer #AgendaAfrica moderated by Steve Blundell, Director – Redstone Consultants, UK (moderator) 00:20´´,02:18´´, 04:19´´, 16,06´´

Opportunities and challenges of sector diversification: Land, agriculture and infrastructure support
a. Does the future lie within agri-business? Mariana Graça, Associate. Africa analyst – Africa Agricultural Development Company, UK 00:41´´
b. The challenge of indigenization of the land & titles.Andrew Gamble, Consultant – Hogan Lovells International, UK 02:25´´
c. What are the key models to finance infrastructure in order to support other sectors? Teresa Empis Falcao, Of counsel – Vieira de Almeida, Portugal 04:55´´
d. What are the crucial aspects that a shareholder/CEO must be aware of when investing in Africa? Pedro Vidigal Monteiro, Legal senior counsel – Europe, Angola, Mozambique, Southern Africa -Andrade Gutierrez, Portugal 06:30´´

The “African Dream”: Good governance and compliance challenges in unstable political and regulatory environments
a. How are law firms supporting compa:04´´nies to meet the international good governance standards? Hugo Rosa Ferreira, Partner – PLMJ, Portugal 07:58´´
b. What are the key opportunities that Ghana offers to international investors? David Asiedu, Partner – Oxford & Beaumont Solicitors, Ghana 09:27´´
c. What is the role of the regulator and the current challenges that they face? Nusula Nassuna, Senior legal officer – Capital Markets Authority, Uganda (on secondment to White & Case) 11:43´´
d. Is there an “African Dream”? Sheriff Alabi, Consultant – African Development Bank, UK 14:15´´

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