Alexander Salvador

New president at the Young Lawyers’ Group of Barcelona

The Young Lawyers’ Group of Barcelona (GAJ) has appointed the lawyer, Alexander Salvador (pictured), as the new president of the organisation. Salvador will be in charge of defending the rights and interests of the more than 6,000 young lawyers in Barcelona.

His main aims are the democratisation of training, strengthening the voice and presence of young lawyers in civil society and encouraging the debate of ideas as a tool for transforming the profession.

“This is the time for young people to debate and decide how the legal profession should be in the coming years, as it will be our responsibility to apply these changes in the immediate future,” said Salvador.

The new president of GAJ is graduated from Pompeu Fabra University and is specialised in Digital Law. Since his professional beginnings, he has been linked to the collegiate life, having previously held the positions of secretary and vice-president of GAJ. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the magazine Món Jurídic.

“As representatives of a new generation of lawyers, from this new committee we want to make a strong and constant commitment to the debate of ideas and the transformation of the profession through actions with a real and tangible impact, promoting a greater active role for young lawyers in civil society,” said Salvador.

Irina Wakstein