New judicial setback for Del Nido: Advisors

Once again, José María del Nido Benavente has received a rejection from the courts in his shareholding war against the current board of Sevilla FC. The Provincial Court of Seville has dismissed the appeal that both the former director and Manuel Ángel Delgado filed against the dismissal of a complaint against José Castro for the General Shareholders’ Meeting of 2023.

One more chapter of the shareholder war. Three meetings in eight months and dozens of open court cases. Sevilla FC is still institutionally at war and this episode is one more of the many that have occurred so far. In total, Del Nido Benavente has filed two lawsuits against Castro. It was last June when the judge flatly rejected the arguments put forward by the former president.

Lucas Fernández de Bobadilla, founding partner of MA Abogados, has been in charge of advising the current Sevilla FC board of directors.

Julia Gil

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