Álvaro de Luis Andrés

Net Craman opens offices in Singapore

Net Craman, a law firm with a strong presence in Asia, has opened offices in Singapore.

The choice of Singapore as a new headquarters ahead of Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok was not random. The reasons for this choice lie in its economic stability, which is heavily focused on the service sector and very dependent on the global economy.

“Singapore is an asian tiger of proven success and historical commercial vocation, a member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a market of 600 million people, a developing free trade zone and potentially the fourth largest economy in the world,” says Álvaro de Luis Andrés (pictured), director of Net Craman Asia and head of the new office.

Also joining the Singapore office is Estela Cortes Cortillas, a graduate in law and political science, with a master’s degree in european and international law. The lawyer will assume the roles of legal advisor especially in commercial, international tax and labour law and head of business development.

Irina Wakstein