Mutualidad de la Abogacía changes its name

Mutualidad (formerly known as Mutualidad de la Abogacía), a non-profit insurance company that offers professionals and their families solutions to cover all their pension and savings needs, has announced its new name during the International Congress on Sustainability and Social Economy organized by the company to commemorate its 75th anniversary.

Enrique Sanz Fernández-Lomana

The announcement of the rebranding was made by Enrique Sanz Fernández-Lomana, chairman of Mutualidad: “Over the last 75 years, change has been the key to Mutualidad’s success and what has made it possible for it to be in existence for three quarters of a century. Therefore, this name change is more a symbol of change than a change of symbol; it is an evolution of our corporate identity that, based on our legacy and history, allows us to champion mutuality and respond to the current needs of our mutual members in order to shape a prosperous future”.

Mutuality, a new phase.

Since the creation of Mutualidad in 1948, the company has been working at the forefront of investment, welfare and savings solutions for legal professionals and their families, always based on the values on which the entity is founded: mutuality, trust, transparency, sustainability and inclusion. All of this with the aim of achieving a common good. These values remain unchanged in the new corporate identity presented today, which seeks to become a much more recognizable and approachable brand with which to take Mutualidad into the next era.

The project to revise the brand identity, which the company began in the last quarter of 2022, aims to achieve three objectives: to position the company as a benchmark for mutuality and mutual insurance in Spain, to make it a relevant and attractive player for new generations, and for Mutualidad to position itself as a benchmark player in the current digital context.

Julia Gil