mutalidad abogacia

Mutualidad de la Abogacía presents its new flexible work model

Mutualidad de la Abogacía, a non-profit insurance company that offers legal professionals and their families solutions to cover all their welfare and savings needs, presents Plan Flex, its new flexible work model aimed at all the entity’s professionals and under which various measures of imminent implementation are grouped.

The new flexible work model is part of the ADN 18/22 Strategic Plan, the roadmap that the entity has followed for the last 4 years and whose main lines of action are transparency and innovation, sustainable growth, efficiency and generating cultural changes in favor of sustainability. The well-being of the professionals who are part of Mutualidad de la Abogacía took on an even greater relevance within the firm’s action plan as a result of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A new model based on listening to professionals

To this end, an internal listening process was initiated through different surveys to identify improvable aspects in the day-to-day activities of the entity’s professionals: work, rest and conciliation flows, which are so necessary today. 90% of the employees participated in this process, offering a multidisciplinary and inclusive vision of what it means to work in the entity.

As a result, the Plan Flex has been built from internal co-creation, taking into account the needs and expectations of professionals, and has new measures in which self-management predominates, such as the choice of teleworking days or a range flexible schedule to start and end the day; confidence, through the possibility of absenting yourself from your job for personal reasons and recovering it throughout the year; or respect for the time of colleagues, both at work and for rest, limiting the duration of internal meetings and dispensing, as far as possible, with sending emails or using instant messaging applications outside of working hours.

At the same time, and with the aim of optimizing the implementation of the Flex Plan, Mutualidad de la Abogacía has also launched a support program for its professionals based on the development of management tools and skills, both individually and as a team, as well as measures of well-being.

Beatriz Malpartida, Director of People and Transformation at Mutualidad de la Abogacía, has stated that, “With the Plan Flex we want to offer a value proposition to our employees by creating a work environment based on trust and individual responsibility, with the ultimate goal of generating a healthy and positive environment that allows development, takes care of people and guarantees the well-being of all of us who are part of Mutualidad de la Abogacía”.