Mutualidad Boosts Coverage for Alternative Mutualists

The Mutualidad de la Abogacía, now operating as Mutualidad, is rolling out coverage enhancements to better protect its alternative mutualists within the lawyer’s universal plan. These measures come as a response to a conflict with lawyers who, for years, made contributions to the them instead of contributing to Social Security, only to find they would receive minimal retirement benefits.

To address concerns, Social Security is exploring options to convert Mutualidad savings into contribution years for a public pension. Additionally, new self-employed lawyers may be barred from contributing to Mutualidad as an alternative to Social Security’s regime.

The non-profit insurance company opposes losing its status as a Social Security alternative, citing minimal contributions and reasonable returns for affected lawyers and they will submit these enhancements to a vote by the active alternative mutualist collective who have not reached retirement age, totaling approximately 56,000, in an Extraordinary General Assembly to be held on April 20th via teleconference. Affected platforms are mobilizing to ensure better conditions in the gateways being prepared by Social Security.