Mozambique’s magnetism

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados (MLGTS) has become the latest Portuguese law firm to announce an exclusive association with Mozambican firm, Mozambique Legal Circle Advogados. The aim is to serve national and international clients in transactions involving the Mozambican jurisdiction.

Mozambique is fast becoming the destination of choice for those wishing to target the African market. Seen by lawyers as easier to do business in than Angola, it has a less crowded legal market, and an economy that appears to be defying crisis.
Tourism, banking, infrastructure, and, most recently, the gas and mining sectors are thriving. And Portuguese law firms are not slow on the uptake looking to profit from the business generated by the countries’ natural resources.
MLGTS’ latest announcement follows the trend of Portuguese law firms expanding into the region through strategic alliances, as foreign law firms are not allowed to practice locally. These include Abreu Advogados and Ferreira Rocha & Associados,  Miranda and Pimenta, Dionísio E Associados, PLMJ and Gabinete Legal Moçambique, SRS Advogados and SAL & Caldeira, and Vieira de Almeida  and Silva Garcia, Advogados & Consultores.