Martínez-Echevarría incorporates new partner

Martínez-Echevarría has incorporated Gonzalo Jiménez as new partner and head of the sports law department.

In addition to the already announced incorporation of Manuel Toledano as partner of Energy & MA, Gonzalo Jiménez has now joined the firm as partner of Sports Law, in an area that requires an increasingly specialized response from the firms.

Sports Law Department

The evolution of the sector makes it necessary to address and offer solutions in emerging industries such as eSports, as well as applications related to AI and blockchain technology in projects linked to the sports field. Martínez Echevarría seeks to offer from this area led by Gonzalo Jiménez specialized solutions to the main sports players, such as federations, clubs, representation agencies and the athletes themselves.

Gonzalo has experience in advising national and international sports entities, as well as in claims beyond our borders, such as at the FIFA headquarters. During the last decade, his professional experience has been combined with his teaching work at the main business schools in the sector such as La Liga Business School, ISDE, or the Universidad Europea-Real Madrid where he is currently the director of the international master’s degree in sports law.

Julia Gil