Elena Martín Ballestín

Maio Legal advises on the signing of the collective bargaining agreement for the hotel and catering sector in Zaragoza

Maio Legal has advised the Asociación de Empresarios de Cafés y Bares de Zaragoza y Provincia in the signing of the new hotel and catering agreement for the province of Zaragoza for the years 2023, 2024 and 2025, which applies to more than 8,500 establishments and affects almost 30,000 workers.

This agreement, which has been supported by all the unions that make up the negotiating table (CCOO, UGT, OSTA and MIT), aims to guarantee the economic capacity of the sector’s workers without affecting the competitiveness of the companies, and to lay the foundations for the development and updating of the professional career structure, with a firm commitment to training.

The “Asociación de Empresarios de Cafés y Bares de Zaragoza y Provincia” has shown its satisfaction for having reached an important agreement for the present and the future of a sector with an annual turnover of 3,009 million Euros, which represents 4.8% of the wealth of the region.

Elena Martín Ballestín, head of the labour area of its Zaragoza office, has participated in the negotiation and conclusion of this agreement.

Julia Gil