Legal Summit part 2: What are the biggest challenges facing legal services? Clients, Talent or Technology?

Watch an 8m summary from the Legal Summitt debate during the #40uForty2017 in Barcelona where partners and GCs share the biggest challenges in legal services.

Over recent years, clients and talent have moved to the top of the list of law firm challenges. Clients are now firmly in the driving seat and putting their external legal providers under new and increasing pressure. At the same time, a new generation of young lawyers have new expectations and are making new demands – threatening the foundations of the traditional law firm “up or out” approach.

With an increasing demand for services which are “quicker, better, cheaper”, some have charted the demise of what is seen as the “traditional” law firm model in preference for the “hybrid” approach and the alternative legal providers.

But what about technology? Past decades have suggested that technology is the biggest threat for law firms. In this unique event we will instead be suggesting that technology is fast becoming the biggest opportunity for law firms, helping them to reinvent the ways in which they deliver law, an increase competitiveness.