Law firms need a ‘global vision’ to best serve international clients – EY Abogados

A strong international network of professionals who share values and ‘speak the same language’ is essential for providing the advice clients need

Catering for the needs of an international client base requires a global vision, according to EY Abogados managing partner Félix Plasencia, who says combining different perspectives is key to providing the practical advice clients need, in addition to legal advice. Such practical advice involves being specialised business advisors with a “deep knowledge of our clients’ industry sector and an understanding the challenges they face,” he adds. Plasencia continues: “Clients look for comprehensive solutions which consider all aspects of their business, and a cross-practice approach is key to achieving this.”
As well as having a multidisciplinary offering, law firms must ensure that there is seamless integration between teams in terms of quality standards, principles, philosophy and culture. “Having a strong international network of professionals who share values and speak the same language is essential,” says Plasencia.
The pace of change and the scale of disruption caused by data, digital technologies, and globalisation means organisations must evolve to survive, according to Plasencia.
In addition to addressing legal issues, clients also demand that their legal advisers make good use of technology, especially in the context of cross-border M&A transactions or compliance projects that span multiple jurisdictions. “Our integrated approach extends to technology, and we offer data analytics and digitalisation services – in the context of tax and legal services – in response to the increasing demand for legal technology.” Plasencia adds that EY Abogados handles mass information on behalf of clients – in its Artificial Intelligence Center Of Excellence – to reduce time and client costs significantly. “Resembling how start-ups are organised and based on recent strategic thinking, we have also designed an ‘agile network’-type structure that plans, develops and executes successfully tested and proven ‘go-to-market’ initiatives for clients.”