Kepler-Karst and MGI Audicon team up on Insolvency matters

Kepler-Karst and MGI Audicon & Partners have allied to jointly tackle major challenges in Insolvency matters, creating MGI Insolvency

The law firm Kepler-Karst and the auditing firm MGI Audicon & Partners have joined forces to create MGI Insolvency, a firm where the Economic, Legal and Tax specialities come together to face major challenges in Insolvency matters, and to be able to support large companies in a situation of declared Insolvency.

The founder of MGI Audicon & Partners, Manuel Gómez Conesa (pictured left), and Luis Barber Marrero (pictured right), Kepler-Karst of counsel, lead a multidisciplinary team of more than 25 professionals, including Davinia Sánchez de la Cruz and Armando Betancor Álamo, partner and of counsel of Kepler-Karst, respectively.

The team, with solid experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of Restructuring and Insolvency, as well as in complementary areas such as Banking, Financial and Tax Law, is committed to helping all companies achieve their objectives and save costs by applying the most efficient legal measures.

Thus, MGI Insolvency specialises in four working areas: Corporate, focused on Debt Restructuring and Purchase & Sale operations of companies and/or productive units; Economic and Audit, for integrated services within the field of auditing and financial reports in general; Legal, focused on major Insolvency proceedings, Legal advice to national and multinational companies, Due Diligence processes and company Restructuring; and Labour, focused on the processing, negotiation and monitoring of all kinds of Employment Regulation Files supported by a team of senior lawyers specialised in the Labour Litigation area.

MGI Concursal is headquartered in Madrid, and has offices in Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Jaén, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Pontevedra and Gran Canaria.



Desire Vidal