Keeping your judges close

Garrigues has incorporated Judge Enrique Grande of Commercial Court No. 1 in Barcelona as a Partner in its litigation and Arbitration department in Catalonia.

Since 2005, Grande has been a senior judge specialised in corporate and commercial matters and also a member of the Barcelona patents tribunal.
A recognised expert in corporate bankruptcy law, Grande also has extensive experience in judicial patent and trademark, unfair competition and advertising and the resolution of preliminary proceedings, injunctions and inspection.
The intention is to strengthen and enhance the firm’s litigation, arbitration and bankruptcy practice in Catalonia and also the Life Sciences Department.
Time will tell whether the integration of a former judge will give Garrigues a unique ‘behind the scenes’ perspective into the mechanisms of the courts. But while not alone in making such a move, this has been one of the most high profile to date. And it will be interesting to see whether other firms will also follow suit.