Júlia Bacaria Gea Joins Augusta Abogados as Partner in TMT Area

Augusta Abogados has announced the addition of Júlia Bacaria Gea as a partner in their technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) practice. Bacaria, formerly of BACARIA, brings over 15 years of experience in advising businesses and public entities on digital law.

Bacaria’s primary areas of expertise include data protection and privacy law, regulation of online personal, commercial, and professional activities, e-commerce compliance, cybersecurity, and AI-based technologies. Additionally, she has a solid background in intellectual property, trademark protection, and audiovisual and multimedia law.

As the new TMT partner, Bacaria aims to offer a comprehensive legal practice in digital environments, contributing to Augusta Abogados’ goal of becoming a leading firm in digital law.

For Augusta Abogados’ managing partners, Jaime Fernández Cortés and Juan José Hita, Bacaria’s incorporation aligns with the firm’s 2023-26 strategic plan. This plan aims to solidify a “full-service” offering in business law, particularly in the digital environments where their clients operate.


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