Juan Bassas Mariné Appointed Vice President of Mutualidad

The Board of Directors of Mutualidad, a non-profit insurance entity offering comprehensive solutions to its members for their needs in provision, savings, and investment, announced the appointment of Juan Bassas Mariné as the new Vice President of the organization. This decision was made during the session on Thursday, February 29, following the unfortunate passing of his predecessor, Joaquín García Romanillos.

Juan Bassas Mariné holds a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and has a remarkable track record in the legal and associative fields. He has served in various roles such as a deputy, vice-dean, and president of the Culture Committee of the Barcelona Bar Association. Additionally, he has been the director of the School of Legal Practice and president of the Training Committee of the Federation of Bars of Europe. Bassas was also a member of the first Validation and Evaluation Court for Foreign Lawyers at the Ministry of Justice.

Since 1995, Juan Bassas has been a member of the Board of Directors of Mutualidad, and in 2021, he was appointed as an adjunct to the presidency in the area of Economic-Financial Affairs and Investor Relations. He also chairs the EurelPro Committee, integrated into the ESIP (European Social Insurance Platform), representing 45 national social security institutions from 17 member states and Switzerland. The EurelPro Committee is dedicated to protecting different retirement systems for liberal professions governed by European social security coordination regulations and oversees European policies affecting these plans.

Enrique Sanz Fernández-Lomana, President of Mutualidad, highlighted Juan Bassas’s significant work capacity and commitment, both to the law, a field in which he has been active since 1975, and to Mutualidad, where he has been a part since 1995. Sanz emphasized that professionals with his profile and dedication contribute to the growth of Mutualidad.