José Ramón de Hoces leaves Pérez-Llorca to work full time at ECI

Partner José Ramón de Hoces has left Pérez-Llorca, to be El Corte Inglés full-time counsel, where he is, since February non-director secretary of the Board

According to, Marta Álvarez, president of El Corte Inglés has hired José Ramón de Hoces (pictured) to work exclusively to El Corte Inglés, where he has been, from last February, non-director secretary of the Board. He has been developing this role along with the one of Pérez-Llorca´s Public Law and Regulated Sectors head partner. Now, according to the firm, Juan Rodríguez Cárcamo will replace him.

De Hoces is a State Attorney on leave of absence. He has more than 20 years’ experience in highly complex multidisciplinary matters and, he has held, among other relevant positions, the RTVE Board of Director’s secretary.

Desire Vidal