International Legal Summer School – July 2012

Are you looking for a job in a global law firm? Would you like to work with international clients on cross-border transactions? Do you have the skills required?

July 16th-27th, Madrid, Spain

The two-week International Legal Summer School will help young lawyers develop their English language skills within a legal framework as really used in the business world. Apply today!

English is the language of the international business community, and they expect their law firms to advise them in English as well. If you are currently a law student or young lawyer who is interested in working within an international law firm, the message is clear, an understanding of legal English is an absolute necessity.

By focussing on legal English as it is used within the business world, the International Legal Summer School will help prepare you for a successful career as an international lawyer. Building upon the basic building blocks of legal English, the course will also provide you with an important knowledge of the English and US legal approaches (known as Common Law) plus an overview of busines law concepts, terminology and documentation.

And speaking and writing in English is only one part of the challenge. Participants will also receive hands on practical experience on putting language into practice – advising clients, negotiating agreements and debating with other participants in English.

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Learning based upon real life situations

The Summer School´s approach to learning is practical and interactive. Class sizes are small and participants will follow real life scenarios based upon the faculty´s own experiences within law firms.

Participants will gain an understanding of the following key elements:
• The language skills required to work as a lawyer in English;
• The basic concepts of US and English (Common Law) business law and main differences with Civil Law;
• Drafting, negotiating & communicating legal issues in English;
• Business law concepts and International business transactions.

Law Firm Programme

Learn about working within an international law firm. Participants will visit leading law firms where top lawyers will outline their areas of work and the key challenges of global practice.

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