Intercol·legial Jove to Empower Young Professionals in Catalonia

The Associació Intercol·legial de Col·legis Professionals de Catalunya has introduced the Intercol·legial Jove, an initiative aimed at showcasing young professionals and fostering new avenues for debate, reflection, and collaboration. The launch event took place at the headquarters of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), bringing together representatives from various professional corporations within the association, comprising over 100 professional colleges in Catalonia.

Jesús M. Sánchez, President of the Intercol·legial and Dean of ICAB, inaugurated the event, emphasizing that the initiative seeks to provide a platform for reflection and debate among young professionals in Catalonia, while also fostering collaborative efforts to address common future challenges.

During the presentation, Mª Eugènia Gay, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, highlighted the significance of the new Intercolegial Young Professionals Commission, stating that it represents a significant milestone in consolidating the voice of youth within professional colleges. These colleges play a crucial role in advocating for the interests of young professionals and addressing the issues and opportunities in the workplace.

Alexander Salvador, President of the Intercol·legial Jove and the Young Bar Association Group of ICAB, underscored the importance of such an organization, emphasizing its commitment to promoting the interests of young professionals and professional colleges. He emphasized the vital role of young professionals in Catalonia’s economy, noting their significant contribution to employment and tax revenue.