IL and Gericó Associates collaborate on ALSPs webinar

Gericó Associates held the webinar titled “ALSPs revolutionize Spanish legal profession: talent & technology,” with Iberian Lawyer acting as media partner

Around one hundred virtual attendees, from Spain, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Panamá, Chile, México, Argentina and Costa Rica among others, attended Gericó Associates´ digital event dedicated to ALSPs.

The webinar aim was to analyze how ALSPs, or alternative legal service providers, have revolutionized and continue to transform the Spanish legal market, highlighting how talent and technology are two of the most significant features of the law firms that lead this model.

The event counted with the participation of Manuel Deó (bottom left), Ambar’s CEO, Pablo Fernández Burgueño (top right), PwC Tax & Legal Services New Law of counsel, Manuel Esteban (top left), Samaniego Law Legal Tech and AI solutions director and was moderated by Gericó Associates’ managing partner, Marc Gericó (bottom right).

All of them agreed in the increasing demand for these type of services, that, according to Burgueño, are characterized by six main qualities: i) in-depth knowledge of Law; ii) attitude towards the client; iii) knowledge of technology applied to legal processes; iv) ability to actively listen to the client; v) analytical capacity of situations; vi) enthusiasm for change and taking action on it.

During the webinar, it was stated that, in the current context, companies’ legal departments are looking for a double value: tangible solutions to optimize costs before the COVID-19 and to provide more value to their internal clients.

One of the main conclusions was given by Manuel Esteban, who stressed that we are facing a change of paradigm: “we are in the era of the client,” he said. On the technological side, Esteban pointed to quantum computing as a key factor: “with quantum computing, we are going to solve problems that used to take two centuries to solve, in 200 seconds. We are facing a major revolution,” he concluded.

Desire Vidal