Iberdrola: Towards Legal Sustainability

By mercedes galán

At a time when constant training in law and innovation is imperative for leading companies in strategic sectors, Iberdrola stands out at the forefront. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability, ingrained in their DNA, positions them as the leading electric utility in Europe and the second globally in the fight against climate change and decarbonisation. However, its vision goes beyond environmental achievements. Stepping into uncharted legal territory, Iberdrola has led a paradigm shift with the creation of LINCE – the Legal Innovation Centre. This innovative legal centre means more than just a transformation; it embodies a legal journey towards sustainability. Iberian Lawyer has spoke with Rosario Baquero Alonso, director of LINCE- Legal Innovation Centre of Iberdrola’s Legal Services, revealing the layers of this award-winning initiative that sets a precedent for a future where law and sustainability harmonise impeccably.

Taking into account Iberdrola’s vision of corporate sustainability, how is the technological transformation and innovation project begin in the legal department?

The transformation of the law firm began with a strategic reflection on what we were and what we wanted to become. And it was clear to us: our vision had to be the creation of value for the company as a fully integrated area of the business. With this in mind, and working in a leading company in sustainability, the future mission of the legal department could not be other than to try to maximise the value contribution to the company by contributing to sustainability and the fulfilment of the ESG objectives. And so Iberdrola’s sustainable legal department was born.

And how does it translate into your legal advice?

The materialization of this vision was Project Darwin, which we initiated in 2019, where we launched various initiatives focused on innovation, digitization, and sustainability. This project allowed us to lay the foundation for what, since 2022, has evolved into a permanent center for innovation and operational excellence, the “Legal Innovation Center,” driving the transformation of the Legal and Tax Services of the Group and its continuous improvement.