Grant Thornton reinforces Blockchain & Crypto area

Grant Thornton has reinforced its Blockchain and Crypto area with the integration of Marcos Carrera

pjimage 2022 03 30T095257.689Grant Thornton has strengthened its Blockchain and Crypto area with the incorporation of Marcos Carrera, as co-director of the Blockchain & Crypto Lab area. This hiring is with the aim of promoting the strategy and growth of the area, as well as the development of knowledge and new business models based on tokens, DeFi (decentralised finance), Metaverse or Web 3.0. The new co-director will explore new leverage opportunities in these revolutionary financial technologies that impact both digitally native companies and more traditional ones.

Carrera joins the team led by the Managing Partner of Business and Innovation Consulting, Luis Pastor, to also expand coverage in the Spanish crypto ecosystem and reinforce the active presence in all business initiatives that are being developed around DeFi and Tokenisation.

“We will help companies of any size and vertical, to position themselves differently in the market, through the use of this disruptive technology,” says Marcos Carrera, who has a strong and consolidated presence in the financial sector and has developed strategic business models in many sectors such as energy, supply chains, construction or infrastructure, among others.

For Luis Pastor, Marcos Carrera’s great experience in transforming business models using distributed technologies and creating innovation ecosystems will allow the firm, “to continue growing and helping companies establish a strategic roadmap with a focus on technological growth. His arrival will also strengthen our ability to anticipate new crypto trends and technological changes, which are already transforming current business models and will be a spearhead for the Spanish and global Blockchain ecosystem,” adds Pastor

Marcos Carrera is an expert in crypto business models, not only as a technological lever, but also as values ​​of disruption and differentiation of its value model. He has extensive experience of more than 20 years in the technology and entrepreneurship sector (skinning the game), being co-founder of several leading companies in the crypto world.

He has a background as an industrial engineer and a complete training at the Instituto de Empresa (MBA / PDD / SMP) and other leading institutions such as ISDI, MIT and IESE. In addition, he is certified as an ESG Advisor on sustainable investing and EFA (European Investment Advisor).

Michael Heron