Laura Urquizu & Albert Ferré

Global LegalTech Hub creates the GLTH Spanish Space

The Global LegalTech Hub has created a new space within the organisation for the Spanish-speaking legaltech community: the GLTH Spanish Space.

This new space seeks to promote legaltech’s talks where different speakers discuss topics about the future of legaltech in the present world. Through this project, GLTH aims to generate debate between spanish-speakers and their members to generate a solid community.

The idea for this space was born from the requests of hundreds of members and followers in networks who were looking for technical content in Spanish. In response to this need, and thanks to the collaboration of some members, this new project was finally created.

“Every month we receive dozens of requests to disseminate content in Spanish; it was our main aim to give them a voice. The Spanish Space was born out of a real need of a potentially growing market”, explains Albert Ferré (pictured right), Vice President of GLTH.

As part of the launch, a new figure has been created who will be the link between the space and legaltech professionals: the ambassadors. These ambassadors will be professionals from the sector, lawyers, consultants and specialised journalists, who will act as interlocutors for the project and will be responsible for guiding the ecosystem in new challenges, coordinating Talks and Tables with leading personalities from the area in each region and compiling the best events for the entire community.

Representing Spain, the ambassador will be José María Fernández Comas, Director of Derecho Práctico, specialised in management, innovation and legaltech, and for Latin America, Juan Carlos Luna, founder of LawitGroup, a global management, innovation and technology consulting firm in the legal industry. Both have experience in the knowledge and dissemination of the legaltech universe.

“The GLTH Spanish Space ambassadors are the spearhead of this new project. They are the ones who receive, filter and create events with and for the Spanish-speaking community,” says Laura Urquizu (pictured left), President of the GLTH. “Without the ambassadors, this new space would be meaningless,” she concludes.

Irina Wakstein