Fundación Mutualidad launches the fifth edition of Lab Emprendimiento Jurídico

Fundación Mutualidad, a non-profit organization of Grupo Mutualidad, has announced the launch of the fifth edition of Lab Emprendimiento Jurídico, a training experience and incubation of startups from the legal world that reaches its fifth edition with the purpose of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the legal industry.

V Lab Emprendimiento Jurídico

LabJurídico offers entrepreneurs in the legal field, both national and international, a platform to present and develop innovative projects while being trained in an asynchronous process that combines the consumption of knowledge pills in key subjects with masterclasses with experts.

In this edition, participants, with the support of specialized guides and mentors, will be able to devise technological solutions that address current challenges in the legal industry.

In its commitment to the growth of the projects, Fundación Mutualidad will award economic prizes to those with the best projection and capacity to scale. In this V edition, Fundación Mutualidad has expanded the opportunities for growth and has created two award categories: New Projects and Existing Projects. The winning project in each category will receive a prize of €5,000 in seed capital.

“From Fundación Mutualidad, we believe that promoting the culture of entrepreneurship is essential for the present and future of the legal sector. The Legal Entrepreneurship Lab stands as a fundamental tool for the professional development of the legal profession, as well as a promoter of business projects with market potential. The previous success of the Legal Entrepreneurship Lab is a clear testimony of its impact and relevance in the legal community. The Lab reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of professionals in the sector and their shared commitment to developing innovative solutions. In addition, the initiative is aligned with Fundación Mutualidad’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which motivates us to move forward, excited to continue providing this space for innovation, collaboration and growth for all participants,” says Blanca Narváez, director of Fundación Mutualidad.

More than 1,000 participants, including students and professionals.

This program is online, free and has a duration of 6 months and is aimed at undergraduate, postgraduate or master’s degree students in law or related to legal sciences; students of double degrees that combine the legal area with social sciences or engineering; and senior or junior lawyers, whether or not they are Mutualidad members.

Those interested in registering for the program should send their applications through the Friends of the Foundation portal from February 16 to March 6, 2024. Enrollment can be group or individual. In the latter case, Fundación Mutualidad will be in charge of building the teams, in the most heterogeneous and multidisciplinary way possible.

Julia Gil