From Spain to Europe

Jacobo Martínez Pérez-Espinosa, the managing partner and founder of Eversheds Sutherland and vice president of the firm in Europe, shares his strategic vision for reaching new horizons

 by ilaria Iaquinta

From 2010, when he contributed to the creation of what is now Eversheds Sutherland’s Spanish office in Madrid, to 2024, Jacobo Martínez Pérez-Espinosa has come a long way. Partner in charge of the Employment Department, in 2020, he was promoted to managing partner for Spain. In 2023, he was re-elected to the Spanish board for the next three years. And finally, the latest achievement in 2024 was his appointment as vice-president of Eversheds Sutherland Europe and member of the Global Executive Committee.

This latest position is of paramount importance for the Spanish office of the Anglo-Saxon firm, highlighting Spain’s relevance in the firm’s global network. Furthermore, this appointment attests to the success of sustained growth achieved in recent years by Eversheds Sutherland Spain.

With the clear objective of reaching €30 million in revenue by the end of 2025, under the leadership of Martínez Pérez-Espinosa, the firm closed 2023 with a turnover of €22.3 million, representing an 11% increase over the €20.15 million in 2022. Eversheds is positioned as one of the firms with the highest increases in the last three years, surpassing 50% of its turnover.

Iberian Lawyer has had an exclusive conversation with the lawyer about the ambitious growth plan and the firm’s recent achievements.

You were recently appointed vice president of the European Executive Committee. What does this appointment mean for the Spanish office of the law firm?

This is the confirmation of the prestige and positioning that the Spanish office enjoys in Eversheds Sutherland’s global network. Spain is one of the offices with the greatest sense of contribution to a global firm, and this has been recognized by the other jurisdictions that have voted for us. I am very proud of this appointment because, in addition to the trust placed by the European Executive Committee in the initial proposal, the decision for the appointment to this position was made in consultation with the other jurisdictions that are part of the firm.

How do you plan to use this position to give more prominence to the Spanish firm and encourage collaboration with other European offices?

In practice, it means entering the global board of the firm, both as European vice president and as a member of the Global Executive Committee. For the network, Spain is a very strategic market. Many of our international clients operate here, and a significant part of our business comes from referrals from other offices because we understand the importance of cultural alignment of all jurisdictions, respecting local particularities.


Julia Gil