Foreign investors view Lisbon as city offering good value – PLMJ


 Though prices are rising, Lisbon is still viewed as an inexpensive city by foreign investors and consequently, the city is attracting substantial interest, says Luís Pais Antunes, managing partner at PLMJ in Lisbon.
“Lisbon is becoming much more international,” he says. In addition to the high number of foreigners moving to Lisbon, there are also many investors who are “trying to make money investing in real estate, such as housing, hotels, shops or stores.”
Real estate and finance are two key growth areas which are generating new projects and new clients for law firms, according to Pais Antunes. Meanwhile, advice related to data protection, intellectual property and “everything linked to start-ups” is also in high demand.
When it comes to satisfying clients, whatever the sector or nature of the operation, the key driver is innovation, says Pais Antunes. “Most clients, especially international and large clients, want to have someone who is an innovator,” he adds. “A firm with a flexible structure, but not necessarily a new office or a new law firm; they also want some stability.”