Focus Under 40

by vincenzo rozzo

They are young, many of them are already partner, some leading an entire department, and most importantly, they probably represent the next generation of leaders in the Iberian legal market.

The picture taken from the research group of Lc Publishing show a “colony” of under 40 year old lawyers, active in most of the practices. In a sample of 60 law firms composed in total by 4126 lawyers (including partner, associate, counsel, and trainee), 2400 of them don’t have more than 40 years. More than half.

According to the data collected by the research group, the Portuguese firm VdA is the one with the largest number of young professionals active in the Iberian market, with 223 under 40 lawyers out of 321 (about the 70%). Many of them have been crucial in several deals in most of the practice areas, and despite their young age, they gained the recognition from clients. In the second position for number of under 40, we have Gómez-Acebo & Pombo with 191 out of 308 (the 62%). The department with the highest percentage of young lawyers is the corporate m&a (66 out of 106) and they also received super positive feedback from the market. In the top 5, Vda and Gap are followed by PLMJ with 185 under 40 out 262 (71%), Morais Leitão with 167 out of 268 (62%) and Cuatrecasas, 114 out 178 (64%).

Focus Partner

If we turn the look at the number of young partners active in the Peninsula, on the top of the ranking, we find Ambar Partners with 135 under 40 partners out of 250 lawyers (54%). However, we must specify that in the firm’s structure, all the lawyers are partners. In the second position we have ECIJA with 17 u40 partners out of 82, and the third is FILS Legal with 6 partners out of 7 (86%). The entire firm is very young: in fact, the 96% of lawyers are under 40.