Firms in Barcelona have an opportunity to grow with their entrepreneurial clients – Andersen Tax & Legal

The city’s dynamic economy is cultivating a wave of new technology, which law firms can learn from and consequently start doing business differently

Barcelona has a very innovative economy that is ushering in new technology and this gives law firms a great opportunity to learn from, and grow with, entrepreneurial clients, says Toni de Weest Prat, managing partner of Andersen Tax & Legal in Barcelona.
“Taking into account the current environment, the biggest opportunity for law firms is the fact that we are in a very dynamic economy which means we can do things in a way that is a little different to how they have been done in the past,” De Weest Prat explains.
“We are seeing a market that is very active in start-ups and new technology, and which allows lawyers to invest in people and technology and learn from our clients and at the same time grow with them, and that is a little different to other parts of Spain,” he says.

`Sexy´ Barcelona
De Weest Prat adds that the challenge for law firms is adapting to this “new world” as well as determining how much investment they will make in technology and people, and how they will approach such investment in terms of both money and time. He adds: “Barcelona is sexy, it’s a city that is connected to the world and it’s a gateway to the southern European market.”