Giorgio Semenzato

Finizens: educating future experts  

Giorgio Semenzato (pictured), CEO and co-founder of Finizens, tells Iberian Lawyer about the importance of educating the next generation in financial matters.

“A company highly committed to financial education” is how Finizens, the firm specialising in indexed investment that was born in 2015 as an incubated company within the Axon Partners group, defines itself. The company, led by Giorgio Semenzato, has a particularity: it is committed on a daily basis to making more and more young people aware of their finances.  

“For us it is a priority to provide useful knowledge so that young people are aware of the importance of managing their finances effectively from an early age,” says Semenzato in an interview with Iberian Lawyer. “We recommend that they start setting up their investment plan as early as possible so that they can take advantage of having a longer time horizon and have the help of experts who can add professionalism and transparency to build optimal financial health,” he adds.  

So much so, according to the firm’s CEO and co-founder, that his vocation is to help people and young people improve their present and safeguard their financial future. For this reason, he invests much of his time and effort in financial education, providing information on the benefits of diversification, indexed management and investment in the form of periodic income. “We have been giving free master classes and seminars for more than two years in business schools, universities, educational institutions, financial sector associations and multiple media outlets, as well as recurring webinars aimed at anyone who wants to know more about how to better manage the investment of their personal or family wealth,” Semenzato explains to Iberian Lawyer.  

With the same objective in mind, the firm has even created a series of monographic podcasts to continue spreading its message among young people. “We want financial education not to be exclusive, but rather the opposite,” says the CEO of Finizens.  

That is why, depending on the content and the students, the firm provides flexibility when it comes to transmitting the content, being more general or more technical depending on each case. “From a general perspective, we focus our didactic work on explaining how indexed management works and what benefits it provides compared to traditional asset management. From a more technological point of view, we focus on explaining the characteristics and advantages that the world of fintech, wealthtech and more specifically the roboadvisor model bring to people”, explains Semenzato. 


Irina Wakstein