Epiqueya, a new author’s office, is born

Epiqueya has been born as a new law firm specialized in commercial, restructuring and insolvency, led by lawyer Bernardo Pollicino, with almost 11 years of experience.

Based in Madrid (Calle del Pinar, 5) and with a strong international focus on Latin America and Italy, the firm aims to position itself as an ally of medium-sized companies, investment funds and banks.

“We want to build a law firm that, working with courage and honesty, can help our society to transform itself and become better. Don Quixote already said that ‘to change the world is not madness or utopia, but justice’, and that is our desire, as lovers of truth and justice. We believe that there is nothing better than a good handful of lawyers to attempt this beautiful mission of transforming our society to make it fairer,” says Pollicino.

The lawyer has determined his new brand with the genuine values of the profession, ideas that in his opinion “are currently blurred, or forgotten” in the legal field. “How often do we hear that a career in law is chosen if you have a good memory or if you are only looking for prestige or money, and the essence of law is forgotten: that passion to give everyone their due, that ‘hunger and thirst for justice’ that has characterized the best jurists of all times. That is why I believe that Epiqueya brings something different,” he reasons.

Epiqueya defines itself as an author’s office. “I like the term ‘Author’s office’ because it is more traditional than boutique, and also because it suggests an idea that comes from another world that is also passionate: the world of wine. Epiqueya is a law firm that, like signature wine, tries to do something different in the legal world, responding to a mission and executing the work with its own identity – where not even the smallest detail should be left to improvisation – through innovation and, above all, through a style or a way of doing things that aims to leave a mark”, says Pollicino.

Bernardo Pollicino began his professional career at Moore Stephens. Subsequently, he joined Cremades & Calvo Sotelo, where he specialized in the practice of litigation, commercial and insolvency law. He joined Chávarri Abogados until 2016 when he headed the Insolvency Area of the Firm and in 2018 he was appointed partner in charge of the Restructuring and Insolvency Area. From 2019 he began to lead the Commercial and Insolvency Area of Tarsso Abogados, until 2022 when he decided to start working on the creation of Epiqueya Abogados.

The chosen brand name is no coincidence. The etymological origin of Epiqueya is composed of the Greek words epi (about) and eikaion (just). In the lawyer’s own words, he wanted to find “a suggestive term that conveys the essence of what was classically understood as Law: ‘the art of what is good and just’ (Celsus)”. Therefore, “Epikeia is a term that reminds us that the law is not always just, and that sometimes it can and must be corrected. It is a proven fact that laws change, sometimes for the better and sometimes in the opposite direction”, explains the partner of the firm.

Bernardo Pollicino combines his practice as a lawyer with a concern for research and teaching. In this regard, he is a member of a research project of excellence in R+D+i with the CEU San Pablo University on ‘the construction of Modern Insolvency Law’. In addition, he is a professor of Commercial and Bankruptcy Law at the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB), a University Center for Higher Studies attached to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

As to whether it is the right time to launch a firm with these characteristics and specializing in Commercial and Bankruptcy Law, the expert says that “the services we offer are designed to accompany clients in times of crisis, but also in times of prosperity, and therefore, we think we will be useful both to solve problems and to prevent them”.

The Firm, which is in the process of hiring, and whose growth plan foresees reaching 15 professionals in the next 5 years, has in its DNA to become a “cradle of talent”, valuing not only that a candidate has the method and the technical capacity, “but also the soul of what is essential in the profession”.

“Epiqueya is born as an ‘author’s law firm’, dedicated to business law from the academic rigor, which seeks to contribute to society from an honest legal advice, offering services of commercial, restructuring and insolvency, from a triple prism: business orientation, academic rigor and innovation,” concludes its founding partner, Bernardo Pollicino.

Julia Gil