Richard Gomes, Manuel González-Haba Poggio, Jean-Michel Casa, and Cyril Forget

Ejaso signs a partnership agreement with Business France

Ejaso has announced a partnership agreement with Business France, the French government agency in charge of promoting the international development of French companies and foreign investments in France.

Ejaso and Business France

The collaboration comes in the context of more than 15 years of experience of the firm in the French market supported by its French Desk. The main objective of this initiative is to offer comprehensive support to French companies wishing to establish or expand their operations in Spain, and vice versa. The Desk provides specialized legal advice and strategic solutions tailored to the specific needs of this bilateral context, and is staffed by a team of eight French-speaking lawyers.

Business France plays a key role in promoting business relations between France and Spain. The agency provides French companies with the support they need to find business partners and investment opportunities in Spain, drawing on its network of public and private partners.


Under this agreement, the two brands will work closely together to offer French companies legal and strategic advisory services, thus facilitating their entry and growth in the Spanish market. Both organizations are thus committed to promoting cooperation and knowledge sharing to benefit companies seeking business opportunities in both jurisdictions.

Ejaso and Business France further anticipate that this partnership will open new doors and opportunities for French companies wishing to operate in the Spanish market, while strengthening business relations between Spain and France.

Manuel Gonzalez-Haba Poggio, co-managing partner of Ejaso

“We have established this strategic alliance to demonstrate our commitment to continue driving business development between both European jurisdictions,” stated Manuel Gonzalez-Haba Poggio, co-managing partner of Ejaso. “We are convinced that this collaboration will be beneficial for all parties involved and will contribute to sustainable business development between our countries.”

Image: Richard Gomes, director of Business France in the Iberian Península; Manuel González-Haba Poggio, co-director partner of Ejaso and member of the Board; Jean-Michel Casa, French ambassador in Spain and Cyril Forget, head of the economic service at the French embassy in Spain.

Julia Gil