EJASO advises Sugoi Uriarte’s candidacy to the Royal Judo Federation

EJASO has advised Sugoi Uriarte, renowned judo player, in his candidacy for president to the Royal Spanish Judo and Associated Sports Federation (RFEJYDA) in the elections of autumn 2024 and in the presentation of a novel candidacy that seeks a significant change: the democratization of the federation.

If successful, Uriarte’s candidacy for the presidency of the RFEJYDA would not only mark a before and after in the Federation itself, but could also have consequences in the rest of the national sports federations, including the most popular ones such as soccer or basketball. In Sugoi’s words, sports federations should be the first to apply the values of the athletes they represent.

Jose Vicente Roldán, partner of the law firm Ejaso and Carlos Cabado, lawyer of the same, have been in charge of the legal advice of the candidacy.

Julia Gil