EJA signs a strategic alliance with Acevedo & Velasco Abogados

EJA- Estudio Jurídico Almagro has signed a new strategic alliance with the Colombian law firm Acevedo & Velasco Abogados, to continue its internationalization process.

Strategic Alliance

This agreement, which comes just a few months after the Spanish firm ratified its landing in Latin America thanks to an alliance with the Mexican Hagerman Abogados, confirms the international projection that this Madrid-based firm is experiencing.

Ángel Rivas, partner of EJA – Estudio Jurídico Almagro, points to the notable increase in commercial relations between Spain and Colombia in recent years as the key factor that has driven the firm to continue its expansion process and opt for this new territory: “We reinforce our vocation of service to our clients through this interesting alliance with which we ensure a preferential entry into the Colombian market with a double objective: on the one hand, to satisfy the increasingly frequent demands of Spanish companies that come to us to start or strengthen their operational activities on the other side of the pond and, on the other hand, to facilitate the entry and operation of Colombian companies in the Spanish market”, he assures.

All this, Rivas continues, “offering a 360º legal advice with which we guarantee our clients the legal security they need to operate in a jurisdiction as complex and attractive in terms of business development as the Colombian one”.

For his part, Mauricio Acevedo, partner of Acevedo & Velasco Abogados, a Bogotá-based law firm with expertise in commercial, labor and social security law, as well as foreign exchange and international investments, oil and gas, among other matters, refers to this alliance as a unique opportunity that will allow both firms “to expand the scope of their services, ensuring a preferential referral of clients and cases beyond their respective national territories”.

In his opinion, “the agility, commitment and ethics of the professionals of both firms are, without a doubt, our best letter of introduction to our clients, both current and potential. All these skills and knowledge, developed throughout our extensive and proven track record, allow us to provide a preventive, personalized and highly specialized service”.

New international incursion

This is not the first time that EJA – Estudio Jurídico Almagro reaches an agreement of these characteristics at international level. The firm is already part of the European Law Group, a network created in 1983 with the aim of offering clients, regardless of their origin, comprehensive coverage in the most important markets in Europe, as well as in Israel.

Julia Gil