EDJ: 3 out of 10 legal professionals do not know new tech

According to a study by EDJ XTech Law School (EDJ), the digital training platform for the legal profession, three out of ten legal professionals admit to being unaware of the technological tools available to improve their efficiency. However, 36% say their main concern lies in the time they spend on ancillary tasks such as administration and billing, while another 30% express concern about the potential implications for data protection and the risks of attacks and hacks.

This is revealed by a survey conducted by EDJ XTech Law School, the pioneering digital training platform for the legal sector that seeks to drive the evolution of the legal profession. The consultation, conducted anonymously with a hundred legal professionals, was carried out with the aim of identifying their needs and concerns in relation to technology and the digital transformation of the sector. The results offer revealing insights into the challenges they face and the opportunities to move towards greater efficiency and productivity.

Despite these challenges, the survey also reveals a marked interest in training, with 64% of respondents expressing a preference for online courses. These professionals are specifically looking for training in tools to automate processes and improve operational efficiency and online legal marketing to help attract new business.

“The legal profession is crying out for a change in efficiency, but many professionals do not know where to start,” says Leyre Perez, spokesperson for EDJ XTech Law School. “Our mission is to accompany the legal profession in its digital and cultural transformation, offering mentoring and training to turn technology into a strategic ally to improve the conditions of the sector and attract new generations of professionals”.

Julia Gil