Doomed to mediocrity or equipped for success – the crucial importance of a forward thinking people strategy


Source: IELawSchool ( Lawyer´s Management Programme ) More information:

This forum is designed for all those with an interest in and/or strategic responsibility for acquiring, keeping and making best use of key talent in a firm or legal department – including the talent of the partners and leaders themselves. It will be a self-standing discussion which will provide some preliminary thoughts from the panel on some of the key themes to be explored in depth during the Lawyers’ Management Program 2014 and for which we have formulated some ‘provocative propositions’ to help stimulate the debate as follows:

  • The legal resourcing model is unsustainable. It is delivering too little return on investment for private practice, too high costs for in -house teams and not enough career flexibility for the lawyers of tomorrow.
  • People are now the only sustainable source of competitive advantage in most if not all legal businesses.
  • Lawyers will fail to compete successfully if they don’t strike the right balance between the need to be entrepreneurial, agile and innovative and the need for robust risk management.