Digital transformation, the great challenge to build efficient teams

Lawyers for Projetcs, the ALSP provider, has organized a session together with Esade Law School and Wolters Kluwer Legal Software on the impact of technology on the efficiency and value of legal teams.

In a context in which in-house legal teams face increasing pressure to meet their objectives, methodologies and tools are essential, but the sector has important challenges to overcome such as the lack of training or the management of internal and external changes that their application means for legal departments.

Moderated by Laia Moncosí, CEO of Lawyers for Projects, the session was attended by Eugenia Jover, Head of Legal Department at Mango; Justo Garzón, Director of Planning and Corporate Governance SSJJ at Iberdrola; Jesús Gragera, Global Legal Operations Manager at Fluidra; and José Luis Rivas, General Manager Legal Software Spain at Wolters Kluwer, as well as Eugenia Navarro Professor of Strategy, Legaltech and Legal Marketing at Esade Law School.

“The pandemic has created additional pressure that has led more law firms to seek or consider the introduction of technology”, explains Laia Moncosí. She adds that “the key to success in the introduction of technology is to identify in advance the specific problems to be solved and define how technology can help in-house lawyers to focus on strategic issues that bring more value to the business”.

“Technology in the legal department allows legal teams to better manage their time so that in-house lawyers can dedicate their time to work of greater added value for the business”, adds Eugenia Jover.

“Each law firm has its own pace, but the common denominator is that they all need to innovate, and many have already begun their transformation. Innovation is much more than the introduction of technology. Innovation is another way of relating to the business, it is for in-house lawyers to go from being advisors to business partners, and for that technology is fundamental. But technology is a means and not an end, which allows us to take corporate legal counsel to the place where they want to position themselves, to participate in the business strategy”, says Justo Garzón.

“For lawyers, getting out of their comfort zone and changing their work methodology is usually more complicated than for other professional profiles, which requires an additional effort from the people responsible for technology implementation projects, with empathy and persuasion playing a key role.”, adds Jesús Gragera.