Deloitte Legal advises on the adaptation of Santalucía’s tax compliance system and UNE19602 issued by AENOR

Deloitte Legal has advised Santalucía in the process of adapting its tax compliance system and obtaining certification in accordance with the UNE 19602 Standard issued by AENOR.

Obtaining the certification ratifies that the company’s tax management system, which stems from its Tax Policy and its development through its various processes and controls, is robust and in line with the best tax practices and always with the aim of demonstrating that Santalucía complies with its obligations with the utmost commitment.

Proof of this commitment is, in addition to obtaining the certification, the adhesion of Santalucía to the Code of Good Tax Practices which took place at the end of 2023.

The certification of Santalucía’s tax management system, which has been developed within the framework of its Financial Transformation Plan, is the result of the review by AENOR of the work carried out over several years in which numerous departments within the company have been involved.

For this purpose, the tax advice of the Deloitte legal team led by Miguel Gutiérrez Botella and Jorge Martín Girola Mariño (partners), Alejandra Medina Arencibia (senior associate) and Íñigo Gastaca Bilbao (associate) has been provided.

Julia Gil