DBRS Morningstar and Moodys assign credit ratings to Santander Consumer Spain Auto 2023-1 FT: advisors

DBRS Ratings GmbH (DBRS Morningstar) and Moodys have assigned credit ratings to the Class A Notes, Class B Notes, Class C Notes, Class D Notes, and Class E Notes, respectively, issued by Santander
Consumer Spain Auto 2023-1 FT, a Spanish Fondo de Titulización.

DBRS Morningstar did not assign an interim credit rating to the Class F Bonds (together with the Rated Bonds, the Bonds) which are also scheduled for issuance.

The Rated Bonds are backed by a portfolio of approximately €600 million of fixed-rate loans related to auto loans granted by Santander Consumer Finance (SCF; the Assignor or the Assignor) to individuals and companies resident in Spain for the purchase of new or used vehicles. SCF will also be responsible for servicing the portfolio.

Pérez-Llorca has advised Santander Consumer Finance with a team formed by Carlos Pérez Dávila, finance partner, Santiago Bertola, finance lawyer, Soledad Mendiola, finance lawyer, Norma Peña, tax partner and Ignasi Montesinos, tax lawyer.

Julia Gil