Cuatrecasas managing partner Jorge Badía dies

Jorge Badía, managing partner of Cuatrecasas, died on Sunday at the age of 59 while cycling in Barcelona, when he suffered a health problem that has yet to be determined.

Cycling was one of Badía’s greatest hobbies, along with reading. He was managing partner of Cuatrecasas and aimed at modernizing the law firm, he was committed on sustainability, work-life balance, people management and talent retention.

In November 2021 he launched an innovative programme based on trust, which has improved the firm’s economic indicators and the retention of professionals. After over a decade in various internal management positions, he managed the firm’s strategic development. As managing partner, he ensured that Cuatrecasas staff maintain the highest quality standards while providing efficient and transparent services, and adapting to environmental, social and governance changes (ESG).

Married and father of three children, he joined Cuatrecasas in 1987 after graduating from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). In 2003, he became a partner. In 2009 he became coordinator of the firm’s litigation and arbitration department, a position he held until 2015 when, in March he was appointed managing director of the law firm. Four years later, in 2019, he received the partners’ backing to become the firm’s managing partner, demonstrating exemplary performance and firmly committing to the firm’s expansion, to talent and to the most innovative and efficient working methodology.

His clear commitment was in Latin America, where he has opened offices in Peru and Chile; he also decided to change his strategy in Colombia and bought the entire joint venture he had with the local law firm Possé Herrera in order to have an own office.

Jorge Badía has also been a member of the firm’s board of directors since 2012, which will take on a greater role in the coming weeks until the shareholders’ meeting approves the necessary changes to the top management.

Jorge Badía advised on complex corporate disputes. He was an expert in resolving shareholder disputes, particularly those arising during corporate investment and M&A processes. He also specialized in representing boards of directors in matters of directors’ liability.

“He demonstrated professionalism and good management throughout his career, and his name is a synonym of quality and efficiency in the legal world. As the firm’s managing partner, he led the firm’s strategic development, growth and expansion wisely and with serenity, bringing it to the leadership position it occupies today. Jorge Badía was the maker behind the modernization of a firm that has become one of the best international firms. Even during the most turbulent and difficult of times, his firm authority enabled the firm to consolidate its position and achieve its best figures and results.  His prestige as a lawyer was, and is, recognized, through his naming as Lawyer of the Year three times, as well as the other many national and international recognitions he received. He was a a truly unparalleled leader and an exceptional person”, says the law firm in a note.