Jaime de la Torre

Cuatrecasas in Mobilize Financial Services’ first securitization of loans

Cuatrecasas has advised the mobility company Mobilize Financial Services on the launch of Cars Alliance Auto Loans Spain 2022 (CAALS 2022), its first loan securitization in Spain, through which it has issued bonds for a total amount of €1,227,700,000.

The fund groups normal repayment and balloon loans, which have been granted by RCI Banque, branch in Spain for the acquisition of vehicles, mainly from brands such as Renault, Nissan and Dacia, among others.

The transaction was led by Jaime de la Torre, Cuatrecasas’ finance partner, together with lawyers Jaime Juan Rodríguez, Jerónimo Poza and Ramiro Guisasola.

Irina Wakstein