Cuatrecasas advises UPI on refinancing Pacífico 2 highway project

Cuatrecasas has advised Unión Para la Infraestructura S.A.S., a professional manager of funds and investments for the development of infrastructures, on the refinancing of La Pintada S.A.S. and Trust P.A. La Pintada for the development of the Conexión Pacífico 2 highway project.

This is a project that complements Pacífico 1 and 3, whose purpose is to boost Colombia’s connectivity by shortening distances from the center of the country to the southwest. Likewise, it is part of the Fourth Generation or 4G Road Concessions, one of the most important road infrastructure programs at the national level since it unites important production centers from south to north.

Autopista Conexión Pacífico 2 is one of the first highways belonging to the 4G program to enter the Operation and Maintenance Stage in Colombia. With the closing of this refinancing, both the concessionaire and its shareholders, as well as the creditors and other participants, demonstrate their confidence in the development of the country’s road infrastructure.

The team participating in the deal was made up of Cuatrecasas’ partners Manuel Quinche and Juan Carlos Puentes, associates Angie Gómez and María Paula Cortés, and lawyer Lorenzo Lizarralde.