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Cuatrecasas advises BTG Pactual on financing startups in Chile

Cuatrecasas has advised BTG Pactual Chile on the design and implementation of the structure of its first investments in the country through its Venture Debt Fund, which is focused on investing in Chilean startups and fintechs. The first three companies that have received financing are WildFoods, Buydepa and Wift.

The investment structure is based on the granting of a line of credit for each of the companies, together with the option to acquire a participation in their capital. This has been done through an innovative instrument in the Chilean startup ecosystem, through which companies have the possibility of achieving higher valuations, without “sacrificing” equity, allowing founders to maintain control over their ventures.

The team participating in the operations has been made up of Cuatrecasas lawyers: Macarena Ravinet (partner), Josefina Yávar (partner), Franco Dalmazzo (associate), Federico Espinosa (associate), Ronny Vaisman (associate), Tomás Montes (associate), Pilar Illanes (associate), Fernanda Paredes (lawyer) and Yael Schwartstein (lawyer).